Pharmapromo Kft.




An advanced mobile phone often with PC-like functions, which has a complete operation system providing developers with a standard platform. It is a mobile device with advanced functions like e-mail, internet, e-book reader and/or a complete keyboard.


Third generation mobile telecommunication standards. Compared to earlier versions this means bigger bandwidth, which makes it possible to use multimedia applications.


Fourth generation mobile telecommunication standards, which include higher data speed, big capacity, using open-source internet standards and more advanced multimedia services.


The operation system developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, called iPhone OS, OS X iPhone or iOS.


A mobile operation system first developed by Android, Inc. Later Android, Inc. was bought by Google and finally the development process was continued by Open Handset Alliance. The device is operated through the Java program libraries developed by Google. The Google toolbar is an important part of the platform.