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Solutions for online communication

These days communication with physicians and patients happens more and more through online channels. Although studies show that people are open to online solutions, these new, cost-effective messaging tools make a lot of professionals wary. In Hungary this comes mainly from the lack of experience. This is why our company helps clients providing creative, easy-to-use online solutions.

Our company delivers complex online communication solutions for an innovative and one of a kind digital communication strategy built on main elements of online market research programs and online communication programs based on previous research results. Using the answers of physician surveys we are able to create email marketing programs, where physicians receive newsletters with information they are truly interested in.

We can also provide digital devices (iPhone, Android, iPad or other tablet devices) for physicians participating in these programs.

E-detailing, digital detailing

E-detailing is the first solution to create marketing and information programs with a network-like structure. This concept first became popular in the United States, and today it is a widely known and used communication tool all around Europe due to the increasing demand for detailed, easy-to-access information and orientation. This solution is especially popular in the field of healthcare, since it is crucial for medical professionals to keep all their necessary knowledge up-to-date, and to always monitor and keep up with the constantly changing drugs, products and treatments.

With the e-detailing system developed by our company we can use emails to invite different physician groups („traditional” e-detailing), or we can use an e-detailing platform accessed by sales representatives on their tablets (digital detailing). Both through emails and the e-detailing platform physicians can view a consistently built promotion slideshow.

The structure of the e-detailing slideshows depend on the opinions of physicians, so we can contact every medical professional with product information designed specifically for them. Additionally we can determine the popularity of different elements of our information mix with continuous statistic analysis. After viewing a slideshow physicians can fill out a feedback survey, which includes follow-up questions based on the information viewed by the physician. Obviously it is possible to view the slides again. The program also provides an opportunity for physicians to rate the content viewed by them on a numerical scale or in a short text.

The website, developed by our company is a private, registration only medical-professional information site. The content of the site is only accessible for healthcare professionals with the accurate qualifications.


One of the main advantages of e-detailing is that it does not necessarily require the presence of the sales representative (physicians access the promotional material via an email invitation). This way physicians that are hard to get in touch with or practice in areas not covered by sales reps can be easily reached as well.

Additional advantage of e-detailing is the high level of flexibility, since every participant can view the slideshow based on their own schedule being able to pick the right time and spend as much time on the presentation as they wish. Browsing can be paused and resumed, there is an option to go through different sections again to memorize the important information.

Digital detailing

The promotional material is provided by the sales representatives – electronically – for the audience, the presence of the sales rep ensures that the physician goes through the campaign. Digital detailing provides sales representatives with a solution to deliver big quantity of information to doctors in an easy-to-understand, visually expressive form. The process is interactive, physicians can directly ask questions from sales reps about the presentation.

Combined program

This program ensures the access to physicians in every field using the combined advantages of e-detailing and digital detailing. During the campaign the promotional presentation can be accessed through the email invitations or with the help of sales reps having the option to view the material later or several times.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical online communication – strategy building and consultancy

The field of healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing and communication is constantly changing at a high speed. Not only the target groups of communication, but the types of effective communication channels have changed as well. It is important to note that the healthcare-related communication positioned only toward physicians is not sufficient anymore, but instead there is a need to create a strategy with several participants which include pharmacists, patients and customers too.

The trend of internet and online solutions is more and more obvious in healthcare and pharmaceutical communication. Members of the market are open to these online solutions, but the lack of experience in Hungary results in a high level of distrust. This is why our company finds it crucial to provide consultancy and help with building online communication strategies and helping clients to use online channels, digital marketing solutions effectively.

The new Hungarian regulatory decisions strengthen the digital trend as well. Due to the forced layoffs of sales representatives the question of replacing the missing sales rep activity with alternative solutions has become more relevant. Using the tools of online communication and digital marketing effectively and building a comprehensive strategy to support this is crucial if companies want to successfully adapt to the new market conditions.

When it comes to sales and communication there are numerous tools for companies to implement, but it is important to consider their format and content and choose the right tools based on the needs of our target group. It is also crucial to use these tools as integrated elements of a comprehensive strategy.

Our company has several years of experience in the field of healthcare and pharmaceutical online communication, which is demonstrated by a long line of satisfied clients. Taking the specific needs and aims of different companies into consideration we provide flexible, professionally reliable, high quality services.

Mobile application development

Today we can declare that mobile technology has changed our everyday lives. From the 4 Billion mobile devices used worldwide 1.08 Billion are smartphones, while 3.05 Billion are able to receive text messages. According to some studies by 2014 mobile devices are going to take over the role of desktops. This mobile trend cannot be ignored when it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing.

The increasing popularity of mobile and tablet devices influences greatly the creation of successful marketing campaigns, the communication with different audiences and accessing certain members of our target audience. Our company helps clients to utilize the possibilities mobile platforms provide with applications and content marketing specifically designed for these devices.

The trend of mobile technologies can change healthcare services in a significant way. The wide range of applications can help users with monitoring their health, learning first aid, or they can help them with compliance issues. Since mobile technology is a constantly improving field there is always room for creating new innovative solutions.

Our goal is to develop user-friendly, popular, but reliable and accurate healthcare-related applications. This can be ensured by our professional and experienced developers.