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Web address/URL

An address or URL of a website is the standard identifier of the resources of the page, that could include text, images and other content. URL is short for “Uniform Resource Locator”.


Computers and websites are referred by an identification name, a domain. With this specific name we can refer to websites placed on the server of our provider or to our own online mailbox. For example, [email protected]. The ending of a domain depends on the geographical location of the domain. In Hungary, domains have the ending “.hu”.

IP address

IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique network ID, which is used to identify computers communicating with each other. Every computer connected to the internet has an IP address. Computers using the internet provide their IP addresses during every transaction. With this address theoretically it is possible to find the location and owner of one specific computer, and a lot of different data can be collected about the activity on that computer. The IP address is considered personal data in many countries, including Hungary.


The first page, the landing page, usually with the table of contents of a website. We can navigate to almost every page of the website from the Homepage. The Homepage is the page that first appears when we write a domain name into our browser.


RSS includes the newest contet of websites, blogs and web portals. It is a tool that helps to distribute newly uploaded articles and posts. It is more of an interactive solution compared to the traditional newsletter, since users can subscribe to RSS feeds by themselves and decide what kind of sources to use to get up-to-date content and news. Using RSS is a comfortable solution for users who can collect and manage news from hundreds of websites on one single platform. RSS feeds can be viewed on websites or with different applications specifically designed for this purpose.


A banner is an advertisement published on an online platform. It is usually a size 468×60 or 120×240, colorful ad that contains a link and grabs the attention of users. Clicking the banner takes users to a website introducing the advertised product or service.


Hyperlinks or links connect similar information on an online platform. This connecting tool can refer to text or other online content (videos, images). Links can be useful when several information pieces are connected to a certain online content from different sources. Links usually stand out in their surrounding text and it is best to format them differently.


A pop-up window, known also as pop-up is a general name for all online windows appearing without the user actually clicking on them. The most well-known versions are the pop-up windows appearing in browsers containing advertisements. There are several programs that block pop-ups. With using the pop-up windows accordingly, visitors can be easily guided online. It is not a coincidence that online marketing companies use these tools on their websites.


A newsletter is an electronically distributed regular publication. The newsletter usually focuses on one topic based on the subscriber’s interest. Since email became more preferred compared to traditional letters, newsletters also quickly became a widely popular way to inform people. Sending newsletters is an effective way of informing for providers, since they can be easily sent out at once for a large number of users. It is important to note that newsletters can only be sent to people who have given permission to the provider. Advertisement materials distributed without permission are qualified as spam.


Big number of electronic messages and advertisements, sent mainly via emails that a user receives without giving permission to the messanger. Spam unnecessarily takes up a lot of storage room and deleting unwanted emails is time-consuming. Millions of spam messages can be sent at once, they usually have misleading titles or subject lines. They could be dangerous as well since sometimes the intention of the messanger is to collect private user data and bank account details.