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Social media

The goal of social media platforms is to spread messages through social interactions. With web applications and online tools social media is trying to transform one way information flow into a dialogue and interactive message. This brings changes into the role of users also, since they become editors and content providers.

Social news sharing

With social news sharing users can post news articles, links and their own comments and opinions about the content shared. The most popular, highest rated pieces are visible on the platform. Social news sharing sites include Digg or Reddit.

Social link sharing

With social link sharing the user collects links from different websites and stores them systematically organized. These links can be shared with other users as well. Social link sharing sites include Delicious or Google Reader.

Aggregation of social media sites

Aggregation of different social media sites is made possible by applications that allow users to view the content of social websites simultaneously on one platform.

Web 2.0

The term of Web 2.0 refers to all social online services that focus on communities, creating content together, and sharing content that users find interesting. When it comes to Web 2.0 we can’t clearly separate the role of providers and users. The providers in Web 2.0 only contribute the framework for the different services, the content is developed and uploaded by the users. In Web 2.0 there is a greater emphasis on interactivity, the focus is on sharing content and comments between users.


Online storage of information operating with the system called wiki. The information can be openly distributed, edited. Easy-to-use databases created by users, who can easily add content or edit previous posts.


Forums are constructed by comments of users. Users can have dialogues and share their opinions on specific topics. Main categories and subcategories make it easier to search and navigate between topics. The comments of users appear chronologically with the original comments usually visible. More complex forums often have top subjects containing comments about the most popular topics.


The difference between a microblog and a blog is that the posts of a microblog are very short, usually only including a link, image, video or a couple of sentences. The user platform tends to be simple as well. The focus is on information shared fast and straight to the point. Microblogging platforms include Twitter or Posterous.


Blogs are websites that are updated by an author, and the series of these posts provide the content of the site. There is a wide range of possible topics and designs when it comes to blogs. The posts appear in reverse order with the newest entry visible. Blogs can be public, available to everyone, or set to be private.

Link directory

A link directory is an online platform that shows sites and content organized in different categories. Link directories include for example and subsites under These are organized based on topics and contain links to online content. It is highly recommended to register our websites in link directories, since the links published on these platforms drive traffic to our sites and in the meantime we can increase the number of external links that link to our page.