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Product information presented by sales representatives to physicians and other healthcare professionals. A marketing activity that requires the presence of the sales representative.

Digital detailing

Detail information provided with the help of a digital device (for example: tablets), usually a product presentation provided by the sales representative during a physician visit which consists of a nonlinear series of slides. Detailing provided on a digital device is typically flexible, it can be structured based on the needs of the audience, the series of slides can be viewed in different orders as well.


The detail presentation is sent to the physician or other healthcare professional electronically, via an email invitation. Doctors then can view the slideshow independently. By viewing the different elements of the slides the professional can receive the information through several possible sequences. This type of detailing doesn’t require the presence and help of the sales representative.


One page of the e-detailing product presentation or information, one out of the series of slides. The online presentation can be viewed by going through these slides. The opening slide is the first, the closing slide is the last of the series of slides. The slides that contain key information or logically important elements are called „milestone slides”. These slides are positioned in the presentation so that the viewers don’t skip them.

Tree diagram of campaigns

The slides of the e-detailing presentations can be visualized on a tree diagram. Within the „mandatory elements”, the milestone slides there are several options to choose from opening new themes and information segments. It can be monitored which slides are opened by a viewer and the sequence of the slides viewed can be determined as well.

Invitation email

The content of an e-detailing presentation is delivered to a user via an email invitation. The viewer then can access the product presentation by clicking ont he link in the email without providing a username or password.

Feedback questions

After the presentations physicians and other professionals have the option to give feedback in a survey containing questions specifically designed to help them memorize the information viewed before. The system provides the option to view the e-detailing slides again.


In addition to the feedback survey at the end of the e-detailing presentation viewers have the option to rate the information provided on the slides either with writing a short text or in a numerical form on a scale.

Campaign viewing

The process when a viewer has seen at least 30% of the main and milestone slides. (This does not include the optional components of the e-detailing presentation like the feedback survey and the rating segment.)

Campaign modification

The process where the structure of an e-detailing campaign, the concept of design or the slides are changed or modified.