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Ladies’ Diary – Gynecological calendar app

The increasing popularity of mobile and tablet devices greatly influences the creation of successful marketing campaigns, the communication with different audiences and accessing certain members of our target audience. Our company helps clients to utilize the possibilities mobile platforms provide with applications and content marketing specifically designed for these devices.

Our gynecological calendar application allows users to easily monitor their period, it helps them to accurately follow medical instructions that come with different contraceptive methods and it also lets users track their gynecological symptoms long term. Users can forward the data entered on their mobile devices to their gynecologists with the help of a comprehensive medical database.

Main features

Calendar: The application includes an easy-to-use, transparent calendar with a monthly and daily view. With this feature users can monitor their period, they can track their symproms, calculate the time of their ovulation and follow the changes in their weight and body temperature.

True weight: This feature helps calculate the true weight of the user, which is the weekly mean of weight-related data entered. This value is visualized on a graph. The application has a built-in BMI calculator as well that works based on the data added by the user.

Reminders: Several reminders can be set in the application to help users to comply with different contraceptive methods and to take their pills on time. (Different reminders are included for women who take pills, use contraceptive rings or take injections.) Users can set reminders for medical screenings and they can create their own, personal reminders in the application as well.

Physician finder: Users can select their gynecologist from the comprehensive medical database included in the application.

With the help of the application users can get reliable, accurate medical information and read articles about the menstrual period, gynecological symptoms and contraceptive methods.

Privacy policy of PharmaPromo, owner of the application, Hölgynaptár for sending data to gynecology specialists

Privacy policy of PharmaPromo, owner of the mobile application, GynAssist